About Pricing 

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Private Sessions

These sessions are specifically designed for the individual.

The first session is reserved for muscle, range of motion, and mobility testing. The interview process and postural evaluations will also take place during the first session. We will discuss your personal goals, your instructor's goals for you and begin to structure sessions along with home exercise programs. 

Clients with non specific low back pain, hip or shoulder pain, scoliosis, osteoporosis, and any other physical limitations including postural and alignment issues will benefit greatly from this type of Pilates.

Advanced clients without pain and/or physical limitations wishing to improve in their specific sport or activity will benefit from these sessions as Hali is skilled at working on these skills and adaptations.

Private sessions will run 50-60 minutes utilizing the mat and reformer. Exercises will be given for home practice. 

Single Private Session    $85

5 pack                                  $375

10 pack                                $700

Duet Sessions

These sessions are designed for two people. These are only available using mat and small equipment .  Usually these are available after private sessions have been taken.  There is less individual support during these sessions. I recommend these for fitness more than rehabilitation. These sessions are generally faster paced and more taxing. 

Single Duet                       $100

Duet 5 pack                       $400

Duet 10 pack                     $750

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All online purchases include a 3% fee for credit card and PayPal processing.

Cash and Check are always honored before or at the time of service.

A 10% late fee will be applied if payment is not made at the time of service. 

Finances and Health

In some cases, the financial burden can get in the way of health. For those clients who need assistance, I offer a few options. These sessions are limited in number and will be discretionary based on need, participation level and availability. 

1. I will work on a sliding scale. Please pay what you can afford in the range of $30- $75 per session. 

2. Cancellation Donation. I will gladly put you on a cancellation list. When another client has paid for a session cancelled after the 24 hour grace period, I will donate their session to someone in need. These are last minute and you could get a call an hour before a possible session, or even at the time of a session giving you only a partial session. 

3. I will also approve workshop attendance by donation 

*Please contact me phone or email to discuss these options