Hali Fiano, BS, PMA® CPT, RYT200, FRCms, Kinstretch®

Hali Fiano is a movement technician skilled at fine-tuning body mechanics. Specializing in post-rehabilitation therapy using Pilates equipment, yoga, and Functional Range Conditioning techniques, and Kinstretch concepts, she helps her clients expand and improve their physical abilities. 

Hali started teaching Pilates in 2003. Based in Leavenworth, Washington, she offers individual and group training in Pilates, Functional Range Conditioning, and Kinstretch. Clients can tailor custom session packages or attend her classes or workshops. Hali’s style is hands-on and each session or class is tailored to her clients’ goals and needs. Often, as a client, you will experience all modalities as you and Hali embark on a journey of discovering your body’s strengths and needs. Hali’s well trained eye and assessment skills will help you find deficits in your movement patterns and joint funtions. Together, as a team, you will gain improve motor control in ranges you didn’t know you could access. She is skilled at helping you fine tune your movements, connecting your brain with your body, and bringing you a better relationship with your physical self.

Current and past clients describe Hali as supportive, engaging, friendly, and approachable. She has expert knowledge of body mechanics and readily offers targeted insights that allow her clients to—in a subtle, easy, controlled way—coax more from their bodies than they thought possible.  


Hali uses the handle @FineStretch on Instagram as a platform to connect with other fitness enthusiasts while having fun and participating, sometimes even hosting playful challenges.